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Ella I just want to say thank you for being a fabulous place! Ella absolutely loves coming to the camp and the lessons. She keeps asking when she can do a trail ride again. You guys do a great job!!
Melissa Elinor is an amazing trainer. I am a Western rider and she helped me transition into English riding. Now I love riding English!!
June 7th 2014 Had a fantastic ride here with my boyfriend.  Our guide was great as well - knowledgable and friendly. We have both ridden in the past but consider ourselves to be quite rusty so having our guide quickly go over the basics was very welcome.  The ride consists of following the perimeter of their gorgeous property before heading off in to the woods.  Relaxing and fun!  We'll definitely make plans to return.

Bridle Hill Farms is a beautiful equestrian facility in Jeffersonville, New York. The farm offers trail rides, riding lessons, horse boarding, horse training, a summer camp program, and much more. Students from The Family Foundation School visited the farm August 8, 2013. Four students; Melissa, Courtney, Kayla, and Summer enjoyed a trail ride overlooking the farm. Some learned the basics of riding while others with mere experience  embraced the opportunity to ride.


To All the great staff at Bridle Hill Farm,

I would like to thank you for the pleasant experience I had with my friend today at your facility. While I was nervous today and anxious about getting to my class in time your staff never made it awkward and worked hard to make sure everything worked out.

Rest assured I will pass your name out when ever the opportunity arises.


Best horseback riding!!!
We really had a great time yesterday horseback riding at Bridle Hill Farm. The staff was very nice and helpful. I liked the fact that you carefully paired up each one of us with the right horse.
I will highly recommend you and will definitely come back again.

Thank you! Shawnee is awesome and we are really happy to be at Bridle Hill Farm.
Lesson went great!
I have been at Bridle Hill Farm since their doors opened many years ago. I'd been riding for several years prior to finding BHF and I have never been so happy to be anywhere in my life.

There are horses available for all levels of riders. If a tough rider wants to get on a horse and have fun, it happens all the time. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if someone is nervous about getting on a horse, the child/adult is put on a lunge line so that they feel they are not alone in directing the horse. It's a great way to help build a new riders confidence and a wonderful way to have fun.

Horses get hurt and horses get sick-this happens everywhere. At Bridle Hill every measure is taken to avoid both, but when it happens, those horses are taken care of better than I am! I've fallen off horses before but that's part of the learning curve. Yes, horseback riding is dangerous, but once you've gotten bitten by the love bug you're an addict for life. I have fallen in love with every horse on that farm, no exceptions. Those horses are happy!

It's not just about horses about Bridle Hill Farm. No, it's not even about the horse shows or who has the most expensive animal to show off. It's also about family. I've never been anywhere else that makes me feel so at home. Everyone gets along and the environment is one that makes you itch to get back once your foot is out of that stirrup. The people are great, the horses are sweet and friendly, and the owners have done everything to make me feel at home at this wonderful place.

I've already told Elinor Young that she will be teaching my children how to ride horses (when I have them), and that hasn't changed over the past six years. I just hope that when I die, Bridle Hill Farm is what heaven looks like
She's a great teacher and Ian really enjoys riding.
Loved the trail ride in the snow. Horses are obviously well trained and loved. We felt genuinely welcome and appreciated!!! Reasonable prices too. I highly recommend!!!
On visiting day, we drove from our home in Clifton, NJ to see our two oldest boys at their camp. We decided to treat them to a lesson and a trail ride. We have taken these guys for lessons and trail rides since they are four years old. We have been to a lot of places here and even abroad. Although almost every place we have been affords one the opportunity and pleasure to ride, none match the overall operation of Bridle Hill Farm. The location is practical, not far from Monticello. The panorama is idyllic, a pond, rolling hills ducks and geese and a farm dog and her pup. The couple who ran the farm were professional yet pleasant, warm and inviting. The stables are immaculate and well-ordered and the barn the most beautiful I’ve seen is state of the art and flooded with light; perfect for rain or to maintain a more controlled environment in honing in on or fine tuning your skills. The trail is in a lovely wooded area. My wife and I loved the setting and even took some nice family pictures. Our boys loved it so much we returned on the next visiting day and brought along their younger brother to share the lesson and go along on their trail. All in all, a great place and the kind of family business we need a lot more of.
I also went horseback riding in the mountain forests in the Catskills. My horse was so pretty and we actually got to trot & gallop. Such a sweet little place c:
I had a great time over the Labor day weekend (2012). My family had an excellent trail ride.  Bridle hill is super clean and super kudos for operating 100% Solar. I was very impressed with the patience of the trail leader with my sister and very close family friend that were... well, VERY nervous. They were very careful with our two youngest of the group (age 7). A total of four kids (oldest 13) and 5 adults, they all LOVED the experience.  Bridle hill took the time to discuss "horse safety" and outfit our helmets. I will definitely take lessons there next time I come up from the city and will be bringing two of the kids along that are interested in the day program (which is great, no long term commitment for out of town'ers) . Oh how could I forget, during our trail ride we went through the forest and had the opportunity to see some deer -- pretty cool!
Bridle hill farm is a remarkable barn with very special horses and people. They have wonderful trainers and horses. I have grown so much as a rider because of Elinor (the instructor) she has taught me to be a confident rider no matter which horse you are riding. She has also taught me to have great equitation. She most defiantly knows what she is doing. On top of growing as a rider I have grown as a person. I have made many great friends  and I consider bridle hill as my second family. This barn is something very special. The horses are also treated very well. There feet are in very good condition and the hay is covered at all times to prevent it from getting wet. They also have three very nice riding rings. The indoor riding ring is very nice and in my opinion the nicest in the area. Sure the horses aren't perfect, but what horse is? Bridle hill has worked very hard in training these horses. Yes they can be very challenging at times but the end it makes you a better. Bridle hill also gives wonderful trail rides. The scenery is beautiful. . I am very proud to say I ride at bridle hill, regardless of what anyone has to say about this place in my option this barn is ifs remarkable and I feel very privileged to be able to ride there. I highly recommend this bridle hill
As a boarder for a few years now, Bridle Hill Farm is my second home. To start out,  the owners, trainers, workers, and riders are all so welcoming and nice. I definitely have made a ton of friends there that I can share common interests with. Every summer, Bridle Hill is where I spend all of my time. If its from adventurous trail rides with friends, barrel racing with Laura, cross country, advanced jumping lessons with Elinor, or just having a cook out with Dan's excellent food. The barn is always spotless, neatly kept, and safe. There are a wide variety of horses to ride, so everyone that comes to ride will find their perfect match. I would recommend visiting Bridle Hill Farm to anyone that wants to have a day full of fun!
We have been taking lessons there since 2009 as a family: 2 boys (ages 5 and 10) and 2 parents. None of us knew anything about horse back riding and we been did not know if we would like it when we started.  Wow! Amazing. We are hooked. The boys have their preferred horses and can't wait to see them every week. I can now do jumps and cross-country. Lounge training on a few occasions has helped the boys build up their confidence and experience with their techniques.  A few times a year we will do trails on Western saddles for the fun of it.  
We like the facilities: open, sunny, top of the hill (less muddy than facilities that would be lower).
As parents, we needed to find a place that would understand our needs and where we would feel comfortable to send our kids. It is my experience that we all have different criteria for this and for us Bridle Hill was the right place. Go there at any time and I guarantee you will see other people hooked to this place and facility... But other people/family may have different criteria. I can also say that every time we have brought friends there they have all liked it.
This place is what it is because Dan and Elinor, the owners are such passionate and inspiring people.  They brought their vision to life and we like it.  Their customers feel the same. Our weekend in Sullivan county would not be the same without Bridle Hill farm.
Our family has been regularly coming to Bridle Hill Farm for more than 5 years (we started in 2006).
  - Nice atmosphere. Pleasant people. Lessons (English saddle).
Trails. Photos for facebook.
  - Far from New York (2 hr drive). No food or other facilities.
They have bathroom and place to change, though.

My wife and kids were taking regular lessons. We live in New York City and tried some other places which are closer, but we still prefer to drive two hours upstate to Bridle Hill Farm.
We visited here on our vacation in the Catskills with our very large family (about 15 people). We had 8 kids all about 10 and under, youngest kids were 5...mostly first time riding. The owners were very friendly as well as the handlers who guided our ride by walking beside - about four girls to our family of 8, as we had to go in two groups because they have about 10 horses I believe. I felt very comfortable to have the handlers walk with our group, made me feel better about my 5 and 7 year old riding on their own. The scenery was beautiful and the farm itself was very pristine in condition. I read a near by farm, similar write something about how they are not real horseback riding, but follow the leader riding - and I thought that was a low blow, but considering most FAMILIES want to take their younger children, I feel that this by far was the best way. We will definitely be back next year!!
My 5 year old did 3 days of camp here. She was thrilled and wanted more! This is a well-run, organized well-kept facility.
Owners Dan and Elinor Young provide great learning experience for people of all ages who love horses and want to know more. Elinor Young is a superb instructor.
What a wonderful place to hang out and party with your friends and family.  Me my wife, daughter, son-in-law & grandson had the great time and the owners treated us like they new us for ever. They our a wonderful couple and you can tell they love what they are doing and really no how to make there customers feel right at home. we are all ready trying to get more people to getter to share the great experience of the Bridle hill farm. thanks again Dan & Elinor for a great time
and will see you SOON....  : )
My wife and I took our two sons (3 and 1) to Bridle Hill Farm with several other friends for a day of horseback riding and sitting around a bonfire and we had an amazing time.

The owners Dan and Elinor, as well as the other staff, were very friendly and accommodating and ensured everyone had a good time. They helped us with the fire, took the adults in groups horseback riding on our schedule, and were great with our children showing them how to behave with the horses while taking them for rides.

We live in the Jersey Shore area and I was very skeptical about making the three-hour drive to Jeffersonville, NY but I had no idea how much fun we would have and we will all definitely be returning as often as possible.

Although we have taken our sons to horse farms in the past, my three-year old son hasn't stopped talking about this trip and I can't express how much fun my wife and I had as well.

The staff at Bridle Hill Farm accommodated us without hesitation twice when we asked for special requests while riding the horses and went beyond what I would expect when we were just hanging out and having dinner.

I can't imagine any of them being unaccommodating unless the request puts the guests, staff, horses or farm in danger.

We appreciated starting our ride in the smaller ring because we had people in our group who were experienced and others who have never been on a horse so it gave better control and once everyone was comfortable, we went on the trail ride and then to the full ring.

It was a great trip and I would recommend to anyone getting a group of friends together and spending a day there regardless of how far you have to travel.

Thank you to Dan, Elinor and all the Bridle Hill Farm staff!!!

My girlfriends and I had a great time riding your horses while we were at the Villa for vacation....
Thanks :)



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